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How Much Is A Privacy Fences in Columbia, SC?

Are you considering installing a privacy fence around your property in Columbia, SC? If so, you are probably interested in understanding the cost and benefits associated with such a project. At Columbia Fence Co., we have extensive experience in this field and can provide you with all the information you need.

Types of Privacy Fences in Columbia, SC

There are several types of privacy fences, each offering its unique aesthetic and functionality. One of the most common types is a wood privacy fence, which offers a classic look and robust privacy. However, it requires regular maintenance to prevent decay. Vinyl fences are another popular option, known for their durability and low maintenance requirements. However, they can be more expensive than wood fences.

Cost of Privacy Fences in Columbia, SC

The cost of a privacy fence can vary significantly based on several factors such as the type of material used, the size of your property, and the complexity of the installation process. On average, the cost for a wood privacy fence installation in Columbia, SC, ranges from $16 to $23 per linear foot​​. However, this is a rough estimate, and the actual cost can vary. Please contact us to get a free no obligation quote.

The total cost for privacy fence installation in Richland County, where Columbia is located, typically ranges from $950 to $4,498, according to 2023 data. This includes average labor costs, material and equipment costs, and other project costs such as surface preparation, components, machinery, and cleanup fees. However, it's important to note that this estimate does not include additional costs like permits, inspection fees, sales taxes, or potential contractor fees​​.


The height of a fence is also a significant factor in the total cost. Generally, a taller fence will require more materials and labor, leading to higher costs. Privacy fences typically come in standard heights of 6 feet and 8 feet. These heights are often chosen because they are tall enough to provide a significant amount of privacy and security, but not so tall that they are overly imposing.


Installing a fence on sloping land can increase the cost due to the added complexity of the installation. The fence may need to be stepped or contoured to the slope, which requires more labor and possibly additional materials.


In some locations, you may need a permit to install a fence, especially a privacy fence of significant height. The cost of these permits varies widely based on local regulations and the specifics of the project.

Site Prep

Site preparation can also add to the cost of fence installation. This can include tasks like clearing vegetation, removing old fencing, leveling the land, and potentially even dealing with underground utilities. Costs associated with site prep can be variable and depend heavily on the specific circumstances of the site.

Benefits of Installing a Privacy Fence

  1. Security and Value: A well-built privacy fence can increase your home's security and even lower your homeowner insurance rates. Additionally, it can also increase your home's resale value and make it look more attractive and well-maintained​​.

  2. Seclusion: A privacy fence allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces without disturbances from neighbors and also provides a safe and secure environment for children and pets​​.

  3. Animal Boundary: If you have pets, a privacy fence can provide a safe and confined space for them to play while also keeping stray animals out​​.

  4. Protection from Weather: A sturdy privacy fence can serve as a barrier protecting your garden and outdoor living spaces from damaging winds and severe weather conditions​​.

  5. Property Delineation: Installing a privacy fence provides a clear boundary demarcation between your and your neighbors' properties, helping maintain good neighbor relations and clear lines of property maintenance​.

  6. Maneuverability: With careful planning, a portion of the fence can be made removable for moving large items into the yard when necessary​.

  7. Customization: Privacy fences come in a variety of materials and designs, allowing you to choose one that fits your style, budget, and needs​​.

In conclusion, while the cost of installing a privacy fence in Columbia, SC, can vary, the numerous benefits it brings can make it a worthwhile investment. As always, it's important to consider all factors and consult with a professional fence company like Columbia Fence Co. for personalized advice and accurate quotes.

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